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Our alternative medicine center in Central Florida near Orlando focuses exclusively on the homeopathic treatment of children from infancy to age 18. Orlando Homeopathic Associates for Children provides help for your child for any kind of mental, emotional or physical illness. The following are some of the more common problems addressed by homeopathy in our clinic. 


Autism (CEASE therapist)

Behavior Disorders/Anxiety

Failure to Grow/Thrive

Gastro-intestinal Problems

Hay Fever/Allergies 

Heavy Metal Detox


Respiratory/Ear Infections


Physical Ailments: Children naturally have the power to heal themselves. This is why most children are able to get better on their own with a little rest and nutritional support. Unfortunately there are some kids who, for whatever reason, are unable on their own to overcome ailments such as recurring respiratory infections, ear infections, yeast proliferation etc. Their bodies simply do not have the resistance that they need in order to recover sufficiently. Sometimes these children will get on a cycle of antibiotics or anti-fungals and are never completely well between rounds. Orlando Homeopathic Associates for Children uses Classical Homeopathy and is skilled in new and advanced homeopathic medicine methods serving Orlando and Central Florida.
With a little nudge from well selected homeopathic medicine, these children are able to move forward towards better health. They will also be stronger when the next bug comes along and will be more able to resist it. This is because they use their own immune system to do the healing, making the immune system stronger in the process. In homeopathic medicine we recognize that it's the host (your child) and not the bug that is the most important component of the equation.

Mental/Emotional Ailments:  There are many factors that can cause our kids to be autistic or to have short attention spans, hyperactivity, or anger issues.  It is helpful for a homeopath to know if there is any immediate causation for such ailments, but a diagnosis or causative factor is not necessary for a solid homeopathic protocol selection.

With homeopathic medicine we do not focus merely on the chief complaint. Rather, we focus on your child's innate healing system in order to help him or her move forward. In most chronic cases, homeopathy is not a "magic bullet." It simply stimulates a process of healing that comes from deep within your child and moves him forward to better health on all levels. Within a few days or weeks you will begin to see positive changes with the correct homeopathic remedies. Over a longer period of time, your child will still continue to move forward towards better and better health.

Please feel free to call Orlando Homeopathic Associates for Children 407- 660 - 0003 with questions about your child's specific problems and I will be happy to speak with you regarding what homeopathy can do for your own child.

We are closed every other Wednesday afternoon. We are open one Saturday per month.

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